Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2020 PIN/Pattern/Password Remover

You are currently viewing Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2020 PIN/Pattern/Password Remover

Are you looking for Android Multi Tools ? Come to this page and download it easily . Without any hassle just one click download your its without any password .

Why download

However its helps to you reset forget pin/password or any gestures you use to unlock the device. This is a very useful free tool for people who want to unlock their device but don’t want to lose the data. I will in this post also give you the link to Download . so you can download it by one click

Besides 10 Features

  1. Reset Password or Pin lock
  2. Repair face data / Gesture (Pattern) lock
  3. Reset a forgotten Gmail ID
  4. Completely Wipe data from a device
  5. Reboot in a Single click
  6. Check status of the device in fastboot mode
  7. Wipe data or cache in fastboot mode
  8. Exit fastboot mode in a single click
  9. Launch command prompt in a single click
  10. Check software and hardware information.

Fahim Chisti

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  1. shadow116

    medifire removed the file. any other way to download the file

  2. marcelo

    please pasword

  3. Ahmad Abid

    zip password??

    1. Fahim Chisti

      Download Again , Now Uploaded password free files

  4. Muhammad Noman

    Hello everyone
    Please guide me I have a tablet of Samsung and company gives me this tablet.
    Some agents like KLMS are active on my tablet and I cannot install any app on my tablet.
    I want to remove these agents on my tablet anyone have idea how i can I do it

    Becasuse the tablet does not show on my laptop and even the tablet does not wipe factory reset.

  5. laup

    thankyou .

  6. tubol

    password : 123

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