A solid-state drive ( SSD ) VS HDD, Which is Better for You?

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Are going to buy a new laptop?, you should check the specs like which processor, how much RAM, storage drive like SSD or HDD and how much storage space?

So, things matter when you are going to purchase a laptop. But the people are confused between SSD/HDD which should I buy and how it is going to affect the overall performance of the laptop.

SSD – Solid State Drive:

SSD stands for Solid State Drive which is the new technology of data storage devices. These storage devices invented in the 1970s but these drives are comparatively expensive.

When it invented, some of the companies use SSD as a RAM which is used for quick access for temporary use. But when SSD size is an increase, the companies sell it as permanent storage drives. Nowadays SSD competes for HDD on each and every function.

SSD uses flash memory instead of moving parts. Flash memory is a type of storage that needs no power to keep storage on the device. Flash memory is a kind of flash drives but SSD is faster and very expensive compared to other storage drives.

SSD hasn’t any moving parts so there is no kind of information misfortune issue or drive degenerate issue. The best piece of SSD is, the perused/compose speed of SSD is 250mbps-500mbps which is a way more than HDD drives.

In any case, SSD drives are increasingly costly with less extra room contrast with HDD. There is no moving part available so SSD works silently. If there is SSD available on the Laptop, the performance also boosts.

So, I think I like this storage device compare to HDD. But I’m a guy who needs more storage space and faster experience at affordable rates. For a balance of storage size and performance, SSHDs are the best choice.

HDD – Hard Disk Drive :

HDD stands for a hard disk drive. The hard disk drive is invented by IBM [International Business Machines] in1956. When it launched, it got trendy, and it became the preferred storage drive in the 1960s.

When it first began, it was more extensive, but sometimes when it got prevalent among computer companies, it gets smaller in size and increases its capacity.

Now, you will get HDD in a minimal size with a large amount of storage space

Now, the companies produce hard drive at low prices. If you want to purchase a 500GB HDD, you will get it around $45-$50.

Storage space is enormous in Hard Disk; you will find 2TB to 4TB hard drive in the market. But the problem occurs when the hard drive has some issue because as I said previous,

it has moving parts in it, so sometimes it crashes & all your saved data will be lost. A hard drive is a mechanical gadget, and moving parts has some friction loss because of that it produced noise when it’s running. The read/write speed of HDD is around 40-50mbps.

So, if you have more data backup, then it takes more time to copy into a hard drive.

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