What is SSD HDD & Hybrid Drive

What is SSD HDD & Hybrid Drive

What is “SSD”?

The full form of SSD is ‘Solid State Drive’. SSD is the flash storage device that performs high speed and is much reliable. The storage that is fitted in the smartphone and the SSD is the same thing. Just the controllers of SSD is more advanced.

What is “HDD”?

The full Form of HDD is “Hard Disk Drive”. Actually “normal mechanical drive” is known as HDD. HDD is usually used on desktop or laptop PCs.

So what’s the “Hybrid Drive”?

Hybrid drive is a drive that is built on a combination of SSD and HDD. Spinning platter and flash storage both are inside it. It controls the controller flash drive and spinning Platter.
Which data in the SSD and which are in the HDD will control that controller. As a hybrid drive doesn’t give you fast performance as like SSD but it can give faster speed than normal spinning mechanical hard drive. However, it is better to buy an SSD if you want the most speedy data storage.

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