Set Password And Remove Password Protection On Your Word Document 2 Ways

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Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used applications by many users over the world. Sometimes we need to set passwords on our computer, laptop, or Mac to increase the document’s security.

By setting a password, we can give access to those people who know the password. The procedure is the same for most the Microsoft word applications.

Writing and keeping private information in Microsoft Word Documents rather than paper notebooks and diaries is a popular choice for many people.

Because of this bad practice, anyone with access to your computer can open any of your Word Documents and start reading your whole journal or diary. Here are the steps through which you can set a password on your Microsoft documents.

Set Password Protection on Word Document on your PC

1. Firstly, open your desired document which you want to protect. Click on the “File Menu,” choose the “Info Tab,” and then select the “Protect Document Button.” After that, Tap on the “Encrypt with Password.”

2. Enter your desired “password” and then click on “OK.”

3. Enter your desired password again to confirm it, and click “OK.”

Microsoft Document will automatically show a message that the document is protected. When you or anyone else want to open the record, they need to enter the password to access its contents. 

Set Password Protection on Word Document on your Mac

There are several differences in how you can set passwords on your Macs and PCs.

1. Open the Word document on your Mac that you wanted to protect with a password. 

2. After opening the document, tap on the “Review tab” at the top.

3. Then click on the “Protect Document.”

4. After that, on the next screen, you will find an option to set a password for opening the document and a Password to modify the document. You can enter the password in one or both boxes and tap on “OK.”

5. After that, you again need to enter the password and click on “OK” to save or set your password. 

It’s now mandatory for everyone who wants to open this Word file to input a password to access the document’s contents. 

Remove Password from Word Document in Microsoft Word from your PC

If you don’t want to protect your word document with a password, then you can easily remove the password by following the steps we have given. 

1. First, open the Word document of which you want to remove the password and click on “File > Info > Protect Document.”

2. Now, choose “Encrypt with Password” from the dropdown menu below.

3. A screen will pop up, indicating you to remove the password that is already there and then Click on “OK.”

4. To erase the password, click “Save” and exit the Word document.

Set Password Protection On Your Word Document

Remove Password from Word Document in Microsoft Word from your Mac

1. Firstly, open the Word document you want to improve the password for, and then click on the” Review tab.”

2. Then select “Protect Document.” 

3. From the next screen that will appear, clear out your previous password from the password box and click on “OK” to save the changes.

Word Online does not offer these options. You may, however, choose who has access to the documents you share and whether or not they can change them.

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