Top Eight Video Editing Apps for Mobile Users

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Video journalist used the heavy machinery in the bag, which is now possible to phones in the pocket.  For the reason, mobile journalism is becoming popular and important, with a few clicks to make videos it now becomes more urgent. In 2019 you can use these tools to if Videojournalists think add journalism. With these can be easily editing video even outside or traveling time


It’s mobile editing software that develops on both iPhone and Android phones. It has several editing features like multiple layers, audio controls, themes and colors controllers and more.  To use these, Pence has to spend. By editing a video for free, the software will give a special sign of it. To use it in professional work, monthly will have to pay 4.99 U.S. dollars. 


LumaFusion can be bought for 19.99 dollars in iPhone users. It can be found almost all facilities of desktop computer editing software. It allows multi-track editing and can add animation, effects, title and a lot of other essential facilities.


It’s a GoPro-Pro camera producer’s application. It designed for iPhone only. It’s free, available, and easy to use. All the benefits of other editing software are in it. Users can trim and cropped the clip with it and can add effects, titles, transition, and music. However, Android user also able to use it. 


It Works using artificial intelligence and can produce new videos following the previous style. You just have to upload the clips that you want to use. This app controlled by itself. advance users don’t like it. Also it has a free version. if you want, you can also buy with money. It is iPhone and Android supported apps.


Is also the Go-Pro production. But, the short version of Splicer. It’s also Android and iPhone supported apps. It’s a great app to quickly edit even outside work. However, it’s less of an option to do different things with it. Its totally free.

Adobe premiere clip

The manufacturer of Adobe editing software has created this free app. It can also be used with Adobe editing software. Again, separately can be used. It is possible to edit it with its own choice or automatic option. This app is totally free for iPhone and Android too.


Is apps as like as iMovie. But, it just works only Android mobile. It has all kinds of emergency features include on it like different trim, transition and more filters. You will need to pay monthly specific fees to use it. 


Therefore it is only for iPhone users application. This is one of the best editing software in Mobile. iMovie is easy to use. It has a basic free version.

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