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In today’s post I will share with you the top 5 best WordPress theme free, Free things are not always good :), Even then I tried to find five good WordPress free themes and discuss them.

So why are we late? Let’s find out about some of the free themes

#1 WpAstra

Best WordPress Theme Free 2020

Yes, if any good WordPress theme is free, I would definitely recommend Astra, Because for free you will get some features which are not given in the paid version of other themes In fact, so.

Using this theme you can create a great website in 10 minutes.

Let know how to use the free version of the theme

It’s very simple, you log in to the WordPress dashboard, then go to the theme option from Appearance and click on the Add New button at the top then find the search option and search by typing Astra.

I have a post on how to install the WordPress theme, you can see it if you want– Check This link

However, there is a premium version of this theme which has a number of features and each feature is very important. Using these you can create some mind-blowing websites.

I have provided the official link of the paid version below so you can verify if you want

Astra Pro Official Link

#2 Oceanwp Theme

Another free and very popular WordPress theme is Oceanwp, As beautiful as the name of this theme is, using the free version will make you feel just like that :). There are two versions of this theme, premium and free You have to pay for the premium version.

But you can create beautiful websites using the free version and its page load speed is good.

I have provided some features of this theme below

Fully Responsive
Fastest Page Load Time
eCommerce Ready
SEO Base Built-In
Translation & RTL Ready
Awesome Support

You will not get all the above features for free so there is nothing to be so happy about ha ha.

However, you can create your free website through what you get

You can visit their website for details Here This Link

The process of downloading and installing is the same, as I said in the case of the first themes

#3 Hello Theme

WordPress Theme Free Hello Theme

Let’s discuss a different type of free wp theme, This theme has been made for Elementor Page Builder, In fact, you will not see anything by installing Theme. Now you all have a question in your mind then why should I install it. Yes, I am going to answer that question for you now

If I build a website using Elementor Page Builder, then of course I use this theme. Because there is no need for me to customize the theme.

The main purpose of using this theme is that it is a very light theme. This theme works well with Elementor Page Builder.

Another new question in the minds of many is what is Element Page Builder? I will not discuss it much today, just to be brief This is a drag-and-drop website builder.

In a short time you can easily create great websites with little skill

I would definitely recommend those who want to create a complete website with Elementor Page Builder to use the Hello theme.

The process of downloading and installing is the same, as I said in the case of the first themes

#4 Independent Publisher 2

This theme is a very simple theme, This theme is for those who want something simple and gorgeous. However, you cannot use this theme in all cases, just for those bloggers who are perfect for these theme

You will not be able to customize this theme highly, but you can easily install and use this theme without needing any good skills.

So there is nothing more to say about this theme. If you want to know the details, you can visit their website. I have given the link below.

Independent Publisher 2 Official Link

The process of downloading and installing is the same, as I said in the case of the first themes

#5 Neve Theme

This theme is also very popular, Many developers can use these theme and customize this theme. There are two versions of this theme, the premium version and the free version.

For those who want to start a small business online, you can use it freely in the first place.

For free you will get many good features inside the theme but you will also get better benefits in the pro version.

When you visit their official website they will show you that their theme is the best and their theme’s page load speed is hundred percent.

Although I haven’t used their theme, if anyone uses it, please let me know in the comments box

I gave you the official link of this theme. You have to download both the free version and paid version from that link.

Neve Theme Official Link

So until today, I hope everyone is well, you must take care of yourself and if you like the post, you must comment and share

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