How to remove google account on your phone. The best easy way.

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Introduction [ How to remove Google account ]

If you have a Google account and with the help of your Android smartphone, you can easily get access to your email, contacts, and calendar, download apps from the Google Play Store, and much more.  

You can add more than one account to your phone and sync the data, but when you want to deactivate an account, everything linked with that account will be wiped down from your phone, which includes the email, contacts, and settings. 

If you are trying to deactivate a Google account on your Android or iOS, then here’s what you have to do.

Steps to remove a Goggle account from Android or iOS.

First of all, open the Settings App on your Android device. 

Different smartphone manufacturers may have their own version of Android or a unique user interface on top, and the Settings might change from phone to phone depending on your device. 

If you’re using a stock Android phone, you can search for your Google account in Settings or the User or Accounts area.

1. Open the settings on your android device from the App Drawer or Home screen.

2. Now Tap on AccountsIf Accounts is not available, tap on Users & accounts.

3. You will have a loss of accounts in front of you from all other different apps; now, just remove the google account; you don’t need it anymore.

4. Lastly, Tap on the Remove Account.

If the Google account is connected to your phone, you might have to enter your phone’s pattern, PIN, or password.

In the case of iOS devices, the process is a bit different. The thing required for you to remove a google account depends on how you can access your accounts, such as via GmailApp, Safari App, or Mail App.

[ How to remove Google account ]

If you have the Gmail app, then this is the process through which you can remove your Google Account.

1. First of all, Open the Gmail App.

2. Choose “Manage Accounts” and then “Edit” from the menu (three stacked lines).

3. Remove the account by clicking the “Remove” button next to it and confirm what your choice will be.

4. Choose the “Done” button from the top left corner.

For those users who use the Safari app to log in to their Google account on their iOS device, here’s how they should do it. [ How to remove Google account ]

[ How to remove Google account ]

1. Firstly, open the Safari app from your device

2. Then go to the link “”

3. From the top right corner, you will find the profile icon, tap on it and then, if you already aren’t signed out, tap “Sign Out.”

4. Now you have to tap “Sign in” and then again Tap onto ” Sign In with a different account.”

5. If you want to remove the account from your device, tap on ” Remove” and select “Done.”

Here’s how to remove your Google account from your iPhone’s native Mail app if you’ve added it to your device’s settings

[ How to remove Google account ]

1. First of all, open your Settings App.

2. Go to the “Passwords & Accounts” section by scrolling down and opening it.

3. Your accounts, both Goggle and non-Goggle, will be listed here.

If you want to get rid of a specific one, select it and then tap Delete.

Delete or remove Your Google Account from Anywhere and Any Device to Protect Your Privacy

So, whether you’re using n Android device, an iOS device, or even a web browser, you’ve now learned how to delete your Google account remotely.

Thanks to Google’s new encryption technology, your private Google documents and emails are now safe from prying eyes. 

Let us know how you manage to protect your privacy.

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