How to fix if you forget smartphone password/patterns!

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Forget smartphone password/patterns! is a very common problem but you can solve it very easily. Let’s talk about how to fix if you forget android smartphone password/patterns!

Nowadays, smartphones are saving much personal information from users. Everyone uses passwords to keep the information safe. If you have a password, it is a hassle to remember. But a lot of users can’t get the hassle, i.e. forget the password patterns that are given to you often.

Get to know how to turn your phone again.

1. Switch off the smartphone.

2. Press volume button, power button and home screen button at the same time.

3. Five options will be swept up on the screen.

  • Reboot data
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Install updates
  • Power down
  • Advance options

4. The second option is to select the Wipe data/factory reset and press ‘ yes ‘. But think twice before doing so. Because once you do this you will erase all your previous data. So keep the data back up all the time.

5. However, it’ll want to restart your phone after some moment. Then easily unlock the phone and set the new pattern.

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