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Elementor comes with two flavors: The free version and the Elementor Pro Free version. 

You can naturally start with the free version and start building good-looking blog posts and pages. However, the Pro version comes with much more features than the free version. So, if you already like what you see with the free version, but you’d like to get more, you should seriously consider upgrading to Pro.

Here are some of the features you get with Elementor Pro Free Version:

  • Access to new widgets. This is probably the biggest visible change I saw between these two versions. With Pro, you have many new widgets compared to the free version.
  • Access to new templates. You have many new (page/post) templates to choose from.
  • Form builder. I love this. (Almost) every website should have a contact form of some sort. When it comes to WordPress, traditionally this has meant downloading a plugin in order to accomplish the contact form functionality. However, with Elementor Pro, this functionality is already built in!
  • Theme builder. That’s right; you can build the WordPress theme yourself! See the section Elementor Theme Builder for more information.
  • Online store integration. Build online stores (WooCommerce-based) with WooCommerce Builder.

This list is just a quick breakdown of features of Elementor Pro. But as you can see, you can get much more power if you upgrade to the paid version of the product.

Download Your Elementor Pro Here

Elementor Pro Free Version Deployment

Elementor Pro is an extension to a free Elementor plugin. So, make sure you download and install the free version of Elementor first.

Once that’s done, it’s time to purchase the Elementor Pro. During the purchase process, you’ll create credentials for your personal download page.

Log in to your account and download the plugin’s zip file and then upload/install it to your WordPress. Once that’s done, you’ll see these two plugins installed to your WordPress:

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