Downside of multiple antivirus on the same PC/Laptop

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Computer User is immediately known as the word “virus” .In this case, the “virus” is basically a malicious computer program that unknowingly attack to the user’s computer into damages. As the time has become more modern and powerful, the evolution of the Virus as the same proportion. In this time it has created antivirus to protect them from malicious software. Antivirus is also a type of program in which instructions on the virus are provided. Consequently, the antivirus detects the virus and disables it or at least tries.
Due to the more user of Microsoft, Windows operating system is one of the risky platforms to attack the virus. Then Microsoft had developed their own antivirus and security tool “Windows Security Essential” for their windows OS. Even if it’s not a good thing, they’re giving Windows Defender antivirus by default for Windows it’s sufficiently modern and effective. Other companies have also come up with free and paid antivirus for Windows PCs. As antivirus programs protect against malware (malicious software) or viruses, so many new computer users prefer to use more than one antivirus, they think it may be possible to 100% protection to the computer. But the issue isn’t really. In many cases it can bring about the opposite result.
If you are using genuine Windows, Windows Defender will protect you well. If you keep updating the virus definition notification of the regular Windows Defender, you may be fairly secure with your PC. Since the default antivirus of Windows is strong enough, so many experts think that you no longer need to use a or more antivirus.
Rather, you may encounter the following problems if you use more than one antivirus.

These may seem like ‘ viruses ‘ to each other –

The antivirus always keep in supervision your PC and care them to monitor your system information. As these are the acts of detecting and destroying viruses so these antivirus programs may look like viruses in each other behavior. In that case, you might have an antivirus other antivirus as a ‘ virus ‘ and may be attack each other, as a result, notifications will come to you frequently and the normal computer activities will be clogged. Sometimes it can hang your PC in a bad way that is extremely embarrassing.

Scramble with virus very unusually-

Suppose you’re using two antivirus apps. In this case, the other problem is that the two antivirus will detect the virus when a virus appears on the PC and maybe it’s not a major problem. But the main problem is the other antivirus will not know immediately if an antivirus has previously disabled the virus. It will still look like the virus that has been detected before and will give you usage warning notification. The 2nd antivirus program will be at loggerheads to re-scan and wiped clearance the virus, because his database can’t trace the virus that came just earlier. Again it can’t decide on this itself! There may also be an unsteady situation on the PC.

It will reduce your computer performance-

‌The antivirus programs are always turned on and in this case they’re at least grabbing a bit of space on your PC’s RAM and also increases the CPU use. The PC will look slow than usual. Other than that, charge will drain very fast in laptops.

Tips For Windows-10 Users-

Windows 10 is the most modern operating system of Microsoft in which powerful antivirus features are included. As I said a little earlier, Windows Defender regularly updated you to be safe without having to install any other (even premium) antivirus programs. As I said a little earlier, If you updated Windows Defender regularly to be safe without having to install any other (even premium) antivirus programs. But there is no way to deny that there are many third-party paid antivirus which offer more features than Windows Defender. So if you want to use Windows Defender as well as any other antivirus software, Windows needs to keep some functions off defender. Usually, when you activate of the 2nd antivirus program windows will make shuts down Windows Defender/Windows security app. In that case, it promised not any conflict with your 2nd antivirus. Simple words it is not the right way using more than one antivirus programs at the same time. Even Microsoft does not support using more than one antivirus program at the same time. Different antivirus developer companies such as kaspersky, Simantek Ancients have given negatives to the use of multiple antivirus at the same time. Therefore, you should not use more than one antivirus software.
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