Do you want to know? How to download YouTube videos on your PC? Learn Now! 2 Free Downloader

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Many popular video sharing and watching platforms are available on the internet, but Youtube has its own popularity and viewers. As most of the young generation is obsessed with youtube, it is quite necessary how to download youtube videos on your pc or laptop

Through youtube, anybody can share his videos with the audience, showcase his talent, convey a message, and moreover communicate with the people using the software.

Most people look to download the video as they can’t access the internet in their time of need, and there are also connectivity issues. So to help people in these conditions Youtube Download tool can help download youtube videos easily. 

Below are the ways to download youtube videos on a Pc or Laptop:

Download Youtube Videos Using iTubeGo:

Download Youtube Videos Using iTubeGo

It is a video downloading tool that can access 10,000+ video sites and can download clips in HD/4K/8k from YouTube. Through this app, anybody can easily download youtube videos, music, audio, podcasts, etc. This tool can also convert youtube videos to standard formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, and more.

According to the terms of services of youtube, you cant download youtube videos directly from youtube as there is no download button available, so it is necessary for you to download personal videos or the videos you need as youtube considers downloading videos from their site and further use it as illegal and illegitimate.


1. Download the software from 

2. Now you have to install the software.

3. You will find an “iTubeGo” shortcut on your Desktop; double click it to open.

4. Paste the URL from the youtube to the “Paste URL” button available on the tool and click on download to download it. 

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a popular browser extension developed by Mig. This extension helps you to save and download videos to your local drive. It is a free application, and it gives you the power to control multiple downloads simultaneously.

As this application is not available in chrome anymore, you need firefox to run this application.


1. First of all, download the Firefox extension from:

2. Play the video for 1 minute, and from the above, you will find the DownloadHelper extension icon; click on it to download the video.

3. The best thing about this extension is that it provides a variety of formats such as AVI, WEBM, MP4, and more, and you can also download videos in 1280 x 720, 176 x 144 low, ADP 854 x 480, and 480 x 360 medium WEBM, etc.

Download Youtube Videos Using VLC

Every Pc and laptop users are more or less familiar with VLC. It is a video player app available for both Windows and Mac. Being a popular video-playing app, through this, we can also download youtube videos.


1 . First of all, you have to go to youtube and open the video you want to download

2. Copy the URL of the video.

3. Open VLC media [player on your Desktop.

4. Go to the “Media” option and click on the “Open Network Stream” option.

5. You will find a place to paste your URL. Paste the URL and click on the play button.

6. Select Codec Information from the Tools menu. 

You will find a location textbook at the bottom of the page; copy that information.

7. Enter the URL in a web browser by copying and pasting it. 

Use the “save video as” option from the context menu of the right-clicked video to save it to your PC.


There are many ways to download youtube videos from video, and we have shown you the easiest ways to download them. You need to convert the video into audio if you want to download audio. For that particular reason, you might need to install some additional apps, but most applications come with these services. There are many other ways to download youtube videos; you need to find the most effortless way to download them.

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